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Or how to make sure nothing prevents you from doing your best

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Projektorapp does wonders for your projects.

Draw & comment on the project

Why tell when you can show? Teach your clients feedback by drawing directly on the project. Plus, they can leave comments exactly where they're applicable.

In-house feedback & client feedback

Making comments understandable for the client is a good practice. It's not always handy during a grind, however. That's why Projektorapp has separate feedback tools for both sides of project.

Focused feedback requests

Save time & hassle by pinpointing the exact time and work you need feedback on. Your client will be grateful!

Separate stages for client and team

Use Projektorapp to do a few in-house project stages, hallway tests and demo sessions before showing the project to the client.

Dropbox & Basecamp integration

Make sure that the feedback stays with the work it's related to, so you won't waste time looking for missing files or comments.

Cobrowsing - live feedback sessions

Sometimes explaining just doesn't cut it. Projektorapp lets you host live sessions where client shows exactly what they want changed in real-time.

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